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Metro Exodus: Complete Edition – PlayStation 5

Enhanced for PlayStation 5 - optimized for platform specific features including 60 FPS up to 4K resolution, Ray Traced lighting and DualSense Haptic Feedback support The Complete Package - includes Metro Exodus and all DLC content - The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story Experience Sandbox Survival - flee the shattered ruins of dead Moscow and follow a gripping story that links together classic Metro gameplay with huge, non-linear levels

Observer: System Redux – PlayStation 4

You play as Daniel lazarski, an elite investigator of the future portrayed by late cyberpunk icon rutger hauer - as an observer, you hack into the minds of Suspects to extract clues and evidence Using a device known as the dream Eater, hack into the minds of the Dead and dying to Relive their final moments, to explore their fears and obsessions - delve into these twisted neural mazes and search for clues that will help you find the killer Enter a world ravaged by war and cyber-plague, where life is Cheap and hope is scarce, and where most people will do anything to escape their grim existence